More Control in Your Policy Center
Deep dive into your acceptance criteria by setting more granular legal policy variations. The Policy Center also allows you to define your company's fallback positions and default clause language.

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See your company's default clause language and fallback positions right next to the LawGeex results.
Edit, Approve, Reject, or Escalate all in one place.
Cut Your Active Review Time to Seconds
With the New Action Center
Security is Our Priority
Our SaaS product and infrastructure are now fully ISO/IEC 27001 certified, and all data is fully encrypted, both in transit and at rest. We continue to ensure enterprise-grade levels of privacy and security for all our customers.
More Control in Your Policy Center
Security is Our Priority

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Introducing LawGeex 4.0


LawGeex 4.0

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More Control

Enhanced granularity when setting your contract policies and fallback positions.

Rock Solid Security

Guaranteed privacy and security with ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

What's New?

Faster Turnaround Time

Review and approve contracts in seconds with absolute consistency.

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Cut Your Active Review Time to Seconds With the New Action Center
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